One of the reasons our team has been drawn to this Marketing Communications business is that it is ever-changing. Each day brings a new challenge, a new need to serve our clients, and a new opportunity to learn.

That seems particularly true this time of year, when students return to classrooms thirsty for insights and inspiration. We welcome back-to-school season with open arms.

Kerry Welch Michael Stettner Lecture Charleston SC Public Relations Marketing

First of all, one of us frequently serves as an adjunct professor of Marketing at the College of Charleston. So mid-August finds us focused once again on the work we do, why we do it, how, and how best to talk about that with willing listeners.

Funny enough, having one adjunct on the team turns us all into guest lecturers – which becomes a great way to polish our presentation skills.

The launch of a new year is also intern season, a particularly beloved time because we have been fortunate to work with many amazing young talents. They give us a semester of their time, and we give them a pretty healthy dose of reality. (It must be working, since about 80% of them have gone on to careers in this field!)

Emily Nicastro Lecture Charleston SC Public Relations Marketing

And yet another reason we celebrate the start of a new semester is the opportunities we have to mentor others. We do this at the elementary school level through graduate school. It’s exhilarating.

All of this has us thinking about the former NYU professor Neil Postman, who wrote Teaching as a Subversive Activity.

His central thesis is that education should – must – encourage people to “question, doubt or challenge” any part of their society. We agree. It’s something we try to do daily around here.

And truth be told, we love the act of teaching because – at our core – we are each passionate problem solvers and askers of “why?” And if we do all this right, we’re going to infuse others with this need to find answers. And done really right, we’ll inspire some kids to think differently about their own futures. (Maybe even turn a few Accounting majors into marketers!)


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